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Aberrant - XWF (B Grade) (Genbrug)

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XWF - Aberrant

Am Aberrant Scourcebook Detailing the Wtreme Warfare Federation

Test Your Might Against the Champions of the Ring!

Gladiators of the Quantum age, XWF shootfighters take recreational combat into the extreme zone of skin-ripping, blood-boiling, bone-crushing physical trauma. When claws, fire bolts and Mega-Strength come into play in the ring, the stakes go up. Way up. And when the stakes are this high, something's gotta give...

...If You're Nova Enough.

Aberrant: XWF contains everything you need to know to be one of the heroes — or villains — of the Quantum combat ring. Pit your character against the Demon King Raja Ravana, Christine "The Terminatrix" Jesensky and the other world-class badasses on the nova fight circuit. Learn about the nervous sponsors, the obsessed viewers and the unstable masterminds behind it all. But be warned, the XWF is not for wimps.

Release: Published in February of 2000, XWF was one of the first minor setting books, showcasing one of the lesser-known (and less important) organizations within the Aberrant setting. With only a handful of pages, these books were more pamphlets than full supplements.

XWF featured a number of wrestling tropes and sly winks to characters within the WWE (still known as the WWF at the time this book was published). The most obvious of which is clearly Ric Flair, an actual WWE wrestler who has moved on to manage the XWF. Slightly more subtle references include Rocky "The Face" Elizondo (a reference to The Rock) and "Stone Badass" Lance Stryker (a reference to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin).

Cover: The cover by Talon Dunning is a fairly abstract piece with fireworks, smoke, lightning, spotlights, and fire. No characters are featured.

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