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Forgotten Realms - AD&D 2nd

Realms Forgotten by the World

AD&D 2nd Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting or just The Realms amongst players is a world of strange lands, dangerous creatures and mighty deities. The AD&D 2nd Edition picks up from AD&D a decade later in the Forgotten Realms timeline.
In Forgotten Realms Earth and the surrounding world of The Realms lay close together once, but as time passed, these Realms were forgotten. 

The Logo for Forgotten Realms also elludes to this old connection in the small ruinc letters that read: "Herein lie the lost lands".

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Forgotten Realms Adventures

Compared to other series of Forgotten Realms Adventures, the FA line contained a series of smaller Adventures, characteristic of AD&D 2nd while under the publication of TSR. In the end only two were published. 
  • FA1: Halls of the High King
  • FA2: Nightmare Keep

Forgotten Realms Maztica

These books and box eets expand the world of the Forgotten Realms with a whole new continent inspired by Mezoamerica: Maztica
  • FMA1: Fires of Zatal
  • FMA2: Endless Armies
  • FMA3: City of Gold

Empires Adventures Trilogy

This Trilogy of Adventures was made for use with The Horde Expansion Campaign. 
  • FRA1: Storm Riders
  • FRA2: Black Courser
  • FRA3: Blood Charge

Forgotten Realms Companion

Forgotten Realms Companion, or Computer modules was published to bring the AD&D SSI Computer games to the table. Ruins of Adventure is based on the game Pool of Radiance, while Curse of the Azure Bonds stems from the game of the same name. 
  • FRC1: Ruins of Adventure
  • FRC2: Curse of the Azure Bonds

Forgotten Realms Epic

These modules also known as the Avatar Trilogy is based on the Avatar novel trilogy.
  • FRE1: Shadowdale
  • FRE2: Tantras
  • FRE3: Waterdeep

Forgotten Realms Mission

This Adventure brings players to the Chultan Peninsula in Faerun, where they encounter things like dinosaurs and undead. 
  • FRM1: Jungles of Chult

Forgotten Realms Oriental Adventures

as the name indicated, these Forgotten Realms modules are for use with the Oriental Adventures Campaign Setting as it was incorporated into the Forgotten Realms world.
  • FROA1: Ninja Wars
  • OA6: Ronin Challenge
  • OA7: Test of the Samurai 

Forgotten Realms Quests

The Forgotten Realms Quests are stand alone adventures for the Forgotten Realms Setting
  • FRQ1: Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
  • FRQ2: Hordes of Dragonspear 
  • FRQ3: Doom of Daggerdale

The Bloodstone Pass Saga

The Bloodstone Pass Saga is a series of linked adventures, making up a whole campaign. This series has a focus on the Battlesystem Miniature Wargame that was a supplement developed to the AD&D 2nd system. 
  • H1: Bloodstone Pass
  • H2: The Mines of Bloostone
  • H3: The Bloodstone Wars
  • H4: The Throne of Bloodstone

Living City

These Living City Adventures are all set in and around the city of Raven's Bluff.
  • LC1: Gateway to Ravens Bluff
  • LC2: Inside Ravens Bluff
  • LC3: Nightwatch in the Living City
  • LC4: Port of Ravens Bluff
  • Kidnapped (Adventure for use with the Ravens Bluff Sourcebook)

The Sword of the Dales Trilogy

  • The Sword of the Dales
  • The Secret of Spiderhaunt
  • The Return of Randal Morn

The Marco Volo Trilogy

  • Marco Volo: Arrival
  • Marco Volo: Departure
  • Marco Volo: Journey

Forgotten Realms Dungeon Crawl Modules

  • The Dungeon of Death
  • Hellgate Keep
  • Undermountain: The Lost Level
  • Undermountain: Maddgoth's Castle
  • Undermountain: Stardock

Other AD&D - Forgotten Realms Modules

  • The Accursed Tower
  • Castle Spulzeer
  • For Duty and Deity
  • The Forgotten Tremor
  • Four from Cormyr
  • How The Mighty Are Fallen
  • Wyrmskull Throne

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