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Dragonlance - AD&D 2nd

Return to the World of Dragons!

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Setting of  Dragonlance is set in the world of Krynn, mainly of the continent of Ansalon. The three main deities hold the powers of Chaos at bay, that tries to destroy the world of Dragonlance AD&D 2nd. Metallic and Chromatic dragons roam Krynn either in plenty or rarely depending on the time in which you play the Dragonlance Setting. There are five ages in the Dragonlance: The Time of Creation, the Age of Dreams, the Age of Might, the Age of Despair and the Age of Mortals.


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Dragonlance Adventures

A trilogy of Dragonlance Adventures starting off on the unexplored continent of Talada and the Astral Plane.
Help protect Neutral Dragons and fight off the Queen of Evil, Takhisis.
  • DLA 1: Dragon Dawn
  • DLA 2:Dragon Knight
  • DLA 3: Dragon's Rest

Dragonlance Classics

These Dragonlance Saga Classics are revisions of the original Dragonlance modules for the AD&D 2nd Edition.
Volume 1 covers DL1-4, Volume 2 covers DL6-9 and Volume 3 covers DL10-13.
  • DLC 1: Classics Volume I
  • DLC 2: Classics Volume II
  • DLC 3: Classics Volume III

Dragonlance Expansions

These Dragonlance DLE Adventures deals with a sudden shift in the balance of the dragons. The good, neutral and evil dragons are hunted, used as circus attractions and for sport. A mysteryous stranger shows up, saying dragons are only animals and no longer needed in the world of Krynn. Svae the Celestial Dragon of Neutrality, travel to Krynn's moon Lunitari and to the bottom to the ocean to seal the fate of the dragons. 
  • DLE 1: In Search of Dragons
  • DLE 2: Dragon Magic
  • DLE 3: Dragon Keep

Dragonlance Quests

Designed for use with beginning players and DM, introducing them to the world of Krynn. The Dragonlance Quests takes place after the War of the Lance, and follows the Knight's of Solamnia. Join them in their quest to bring the thieves of the Blade of Sturm Brightblade to justice and solve the mystery of Flint's Axe, a legendary weapon once wielded by a Hero of the Lance.
  • DLQ 1: Knight's Sword
  • DLQ 2: Flint's Axe

Dragonlance Resources

These Resources for Dragonlance expands the world of Krynn with three new lands between the continents of Ansalon and Talada, additional Heroes with descriptions, statistics and more.
  • DLR: Otherlands
  • DLR: Taladas: The Minotaurs
  • DLR: Unsong Heroes

Dragonlance Supplements

The Dragonlance Supplements gives players and DMs access to Taladas and a full Campaign Setting and allows them to experience the Silvanesti and Kagonesti elves in a trilogy of adventures. 
  • DLS 1: New Beginnings
  • DLS 2: Tree Lords
  • DLS 3: Oak Lords
  • DLS 4: Wild Elves

Dragonlance Tales

In New Tales you can once again walk in the steps of the Heroes of the Lance, and jounrey Krynn after the War  of the Lance. The Book of Lairs contains small adventures, designed for only a single session, that you can add to your campaign or just for a nights fun. 
  • DLT 1: New Tales: The Land Reborn
  • DLT 2: Book of Lairs

Inn of the Last Home

These sourcebooks contains a ton of extra material for the world of Dragonlance. They contain new mythology, short stories, songs, poetry and recipies for foodsfound in the settting and many other things. 
  • Leaves of the Inn of the Last Home
  • More Leaves of the Inn of the Last Home 
  • Lost Leaves of the Inn of the Last Home

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