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D&D 3.5 - Freeport - The Pirates Guide to Freeport (B Grade) (Genbrug)

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DnD 3.5 - The Pirate's Guide to Freeport - Freeport

Welcome to the City of Adventure!

Freeport is the city that can be used in any camapign setting and with any fantasy roleplaying game. Its mix of classic fantasy elements, swashbuckling pirates, and Lovecraftian horror has been thrilling game groups for over seven years. Now a new day is rising with D&D 3.5 - The Pirate's Guide to Freeport, the latest core book for the City of Adventure. DnD 3.5 - The Pirate's Guide to Freeport is a pure setting book, unencumbered by game rules of any kind. Every pages is dedicated to describing Freeport and giving you ideas on how to use it as the backdrop of your campaign.

Inside The Pirate's Guide to Freeport for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, you'll find: 

  • An overview of the city, including its customs, politics, and laws. 
  • A 28 page color section that includes beautiful paintings by renowned fantasy artist Wayne Reynolds. 
  • Over 100 fully detailed locations, from taverns and beer halls to prisons and asylumns. 
  • A district by district breakdown of the city. 
  • Over 200 characters, from pirates and priests to minstrels and mercenaries. 
  • Details on the Serpent's Teeth, the island group where Freeport is situated. 
  • Beyond Freeport, an optional chapter the turns Freeport into full campaign setting and offers details on the Continent" for the very first time. 
  • End papers with fantastic full color maps of the dity, the Serpent's Teeth, and the Continent by cartographer Andy Law. 
  • Plenty of campaign advice, so Gamemasters can make the most of Freeport. 
  • Hundreds of adventure hooks that make The Pirate's Guide to Freeport - DnD 3.5 as easy as possible. 

Freeport, where every block brings danger and every day may be you last. Do you have what it tales to master the City of Adventure?

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