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D&D 3.0 - Encyclopedia Arcane - Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm (Genbrug)

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The Eldritch Storm - Battle Magic - Encyclopedia Arcane - DnD 3.0

Ultimate Power!
In Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 - Encyclopedia Arcane -  Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm, you will find no information on how to craft intricate illusions or research spells that help your fellow adventurers see in the dark or span a yawning chasm - you will discover new spells devoted solely to destruction, new feats that boost your character's ability to wreak havoc on enemy forces, and prestige classes to add new fear and respect for spellcasters in your games. DnD 3e - Encyclopedia Arcane - Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm, by Mongoose Publishing is for players and Game Masters who believe the highest purpose of magic is to rain death and destruction down upon their enemies. 

Inside DnD 3 - Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm you will find: 
  • To Gird for Battle:  Meet the greatest threats ever to stalk the battlefileds of fantasy. The Battle Mage studies spells of massive destruction, pulsing waves of fire that set entire battalions screaming and running like schoolgirls. When you are ready for a little guerrillia warfare, just sign up the Eldritch Warrior - a magical close combat specialist. 
  • The Book of War: Page after page of new spells focusing on pure destruction. Learn the secrets of elemental rupture and how to direct a lava wyrm toward your foes. 
  • The Armory: The right tool for the job is a must and this chapter delivers a selection of the finest arcane ordance for laying waste to those who oppose you. 
  • Battle Guilds: Research is expensive and fighting dangerous. These simple facts of life lead wise mages to join a Battle Guild, where research expenses are subsided and there is always someone to watch your back. 
  • Feats of Battle: No guidebook as DnD 3e - Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm would be complete without a selection of offensive feats to increase your killing power. Do not enter the dungeon without them.
  • Help for the Game Master: Secrets to help even the odds and a few tricks that Game Masters will find useful when dealing with Battle Mages and Eldritch Warriors.
D&D 3e - Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm is 63 pages and was first published in 2002 by Mongoose Publishing.

Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 - Encyclopedia Arcane - Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons player's Handbook Third Edition.

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